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NOAH'S PALS - complete set
PRICE: $249.00
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Product Features
Noah's Pals™, the premier collection from Caboodle! Toys LLC, are lovingly sculpted and beautifully hand-painted animal figures. The forty pairs of meticulously detailed and realistic pals are built to 1:24 scale, and each animal pair is packaged with an educational that contains a unique serial code. When collectors gather and register the entire series of Noah's Pals™, Caboodle! Toys rewards their diligence by sending a Caboodle!™ - a box of special, exclusive rewards.

Five of the animal pairs are endangered, so just 10,000 editions of them have been made, while 20,000 editions of the ten vulnerable pairs have been created. In addition to the forty animal pairs, Noah's Pals™ includes a Noah figure with doves as well as a spacious ark that houses this premier collection.

The premier series of forty Noah's Pals™ includes:
AardvarkGiraffe (Southern)Mountain Goat
Antelope (Roan)Horse (Thoroughbred)Muntjac (Giant)
Bear (Black Asiatic)ImpalaMusk Ox
Camel (Dromedary)Jackal (Golden)Nyala (Mountain)
CaribouJackrabbit (Black-Tailed)Ostrich
Cattle (Holstein)JaguarPenguin (Emperor)
ChimpanzeeKangaroo (Red)Platypus
Cobra (King)KinkajouSeal (Northern Fur)
CoyoteKoala (Southern)Skunk (Striped)
Deer (White-Tailed)LionSnow Leopard
Dog (Dalmatian)LlamaStork (Marabou)
Dog (Labrador Retriever)MandrillTiger
Donkey (Poitou)MooseZebra (Plains)
Elephant (African Bush)  

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